Silk Screening

Silk Screen Technique

Silkscreen printing is a method of reproducing paintings using special screen printing ink, pressed through silk or nylon stretched over a frame. In the traditional method, silk is stretched on a wooden frame, and the paint is applied through the silkscreen mesh with a roller. Recently, several more high-technology methods have been added to this process, using photographic plates and reversal film.

The OSHO Silkscreen Art Collection is made from OSHO's original paintings reproduced through the silkscreen method. Apart from the size, they are as identical to the originals as possible, with some prints using more than 50 different screens to achieve perfection of color and detail.

The silk screening artist is Ryoichi Ishida, who is renowned for the exceptional quality of his silkscreen art in Japan.

"The only way to be really in tune with existence is to be creative. While you are creating something, whatsoever it is - poetry, a song, some music, some dance, whatsoever it is -whenever you are creating you participate in existence. You are no more separate from it, in fact you disappear and existence starts creating through you.
And if you can catch hold of those moments, if you become aware of those rare moments when there is no ego and creation is simply flowing through you, then creativity becomes meditative.

Every creator knows those moments, but in a vague way. Poets know that there are moments when poetry simply flows, even if you want to stop it. And there are moments when you are simply dry, there are dry spells when you want to create something but nothing comes.

The more effort you make, the less is the possibility...because the effort simply means ego effort.
Creativity happens only when ego is absent , when you are relaxed, in deep rest, when there is really no desire to do something. Suddenly you are in a grip, some unknown force overwhelms you, takes possession of you. That is exactly the right word you are possessed."

Is the Grass Really Greener...? Chapter 27
Silk Screen Technique