Objective Art 1

"Subjective Art" and "Objective Art"

The famous Russian mystic, George Gurdjieff has divided art into two sections, "Subjective art" and "Objective art".
OSHO talked about it as follows:

"Every art can be described either as objective art, or as subjective art. Subjective art you will find everywhere. It comes from your feelings, from your heart, from your mind: in paintings, in poetry, in music.

But objective art comes from the emptiness of your heart; you just become a flute, a hollow bamboo and the universe sings through you. Your only credit is that you dont create any hindrances, you simply allow the universe to flow through you. With you being in a let-go and allowing the universe to flow through you, objective art is created.

There is not much objective art in the world, because before objective art can be created you have to become a hollow bamboo; and you are so solid, your ego is so stubborn. Before creating objective art, you have to be so humble, almost nobody. In your absence there comes a great universal flood. That flood can become poetry, a painting, music, a dance, a sculpture. Thousands of dimensions are available, you just allow it. "

Nansen: The Point of Departure, Chapter 9
Objective Art 1
"Subjective Art" and "Objective Art"

Objective Art 2
The Taj Mahal As Objective Art

Objective Art 3
Zen Art and Objective Art