OSHO, known in India by artist, poets, pundits and politicians as one of the most remarkable men born in that country in the last thousand years, was born in 1931 and became enlightened at the age of 21. He has spoken with astounding elegance and clarity about every aspect of human experience and human consciousness.
His discourses are timeless commentaries on all the ancient and contemporary religions and their sacred scrolls and texts. He has spoken about all the great mystics of the world - known and hitherto obscure - and on the impact that psychology, philosophy, and physical science has brought to mans understanding of himself.

Over 9,000 hours of discourses have been published in over 650 books in more than 30 countries.

He has shown us a new vision of how to survive in this age of crisis, and created a new man whose culture is rooted in meditation, celebration and love.
Now many seekers from every country on earth are visiting the OSHO International Meditation resort in Pune, India. It is there that OSHO created these paintings.

This collection of serigraphs was initiated in 1987 in Japan with OSHOs loving acceptance and guidance. They became available to the public and now OSHOs objective art is available worldwide.

An art created by the Highest
  Peak of Consciousness