About OSHO

An art created by the Highest Peak of Consciousness

We are grateful for the opportunity to present OSHO through his paintings which celebrate life in so many beautiful and ecstatic dimensions.

OSHO is well-known as an enlightened master and mystic, but it is less well known that he painted, sketched and drew in dramatic lines and luscious colors of pure poetry. His way of life and being were Art itself, and these paintings overflow with the fragrance and beauty of his life. They are utterly unique and mysterious, significant and different from anything the Art world has ever seen before.

In the past, the great Zen Masters in Japan also created poetry, calligraphy and painting which reflected their enlightenment, the highest peak of their consciousness. OSHO called this kind of art °»objective art°….

°»George Gurdjieff used to say that there are two kinds of art. One is subjective art - ninety nine percent of art in the world is subjective: you are simply pouring your feelings, your desires, your longings, your dreams, into whatever you are making.

But once in a while there is objective art - only one percent. What he calls objective art is art created by those who were not artists, who were realized people. They created music to help meditation - it was not for entertainment. They created poetry to convey that which cannot be conveyed by prose. They sang, they danced, to give you just a glimpse of their ecstasy, of their inner dance, of their joy, their blissfulness.°…

The Razor's Edge

°»The distinction between subjective and objective art is basically meditation. Anything that comes out of the mind will remain subjective art, and anything that comes out of no-mind, out of silence, out of meditation, will be objective art.°…

The Razor's Edge

An art created by the Highest
  Peak of Consciousness